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The global economic crisis is taking its toll on Dubai. An essay writer or any writer largely exposed to foreign news stories can attest to this. Dubai was recognized as one of the fastest growing, and developing areas, predicted to be at par with other powerful cities. But tables turn as the economic fortress that attracted investors worldwide, is now experiencing a downturn.

The good times

Skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, and state-of-the-art tourist destinations (locations that will most likely allow an essay writer to inspire ideas) are constructed everywhere. Construction giants were drawn to the promise of rapid investment returns. Workers from neighbouring Asian countries crowded the area.

Dubai reinforced its real estate industry. Its current ruler, and prime minister to United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Muhammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, prompted giant companies worldwide to expand their business in Dubai, by offering various tax incentives and privileges. The effort proved to be an initial success as prospective buyers and capitalists flocked the market hoping to yield revenues.

Nakheel, a government-owned developer in Dubai, extravagantly celebrated the opening of one of its projects, Atlantis hotel on Palm Jumeirah. Celebrities joined the party. Fireworks lit up the sky. A whopping €20 million was reportedly spent for the occasion.

The downfall

Dubai's vision to be recognized as a prime industrial hub has suddenly turned vague. Constructions temporarily stopped. Workers lost their jobs. They were stuck in Dubai as their passports were put on hold by their employers. They were instructed to stay until construction resumes. Some say that they have not returned home for years. One does not have to be an essay writer, or relative to these people to know how difficult it is to be away from loved ones. Labourers sought for ways to cut down

expenses. They rented small rooms with twenty more persons. They claim their salaries were for

the meantime, used to pay loans.

Professionals began leaving. News reports say that there are foreigners already abandoning their debts in Dubai. Advocacy groups protest for the workers' welfare. Dubai's effort to transform itself to a tourism and financial capital slowed down, which adversely affected concerned parties.

There is still hope

An ordinary individual, essay writer, or to cut it short, everyone, desires security. Political and economic stability are among the key advantages Dubai presents to investors.  Dubai boasts low criminality rate. These factors can positively contribute to the government's endeavour of establishing Dubai as a leading business centre that is home to several profitable industries. 

Business tycoons cannot be blamed for the economic dilemma Dubai is experiencing right now, as sometimes, situations fall out of their control. Small workers, however, should not be left to shoulder all the burden.  In writing assignments, the essay writer executes plan all by himself. It is a totally different story when it comes to construction projects, because without the help of workers, blueprints will not materialize.

The road to economic prosperity is winding. The sun would not come shining every day, and Dubai has to weather economic storms that pass by.  Recovery may be a difficult phase, but with its strengths, Dubai still has chances of getting back on track.
Professors are part of college life, as essay writing is. Whether you like it or not, you will have to deal with them. Soon you will forget about their names, except probably for a few who influenced or inspired you a lot, but will remember them by how they were inside or outside of the classroom.

When I was in college, I had these professors:

Steamy – They are the hotties. Jaws drop every time they enter the room. They will serve as good speakers because they can glue the audience minus the effort. The downside is that you do not learn much from them, and it is not because they are not good at teaching, but their face, not to mention their figure, is such a big distraction.

Dreamy- If you have the steamy professor, of course the dreamy one would not miss the list. The steamy and the dreamy professor can be a single person, or you can have a gorgeous professor, but that type who you fancy as a date can be another. When they are in front of the class, your mind goes daydreaming. You cannot focus on your essay writing output because their mere presence is disturbing.

Scary - You dread the day you will have to see them. You cross your fingers that the faculty shall have an emergency meeting, or that a fire or earthquake drill happens during their class. There is something so scary about these professors that you cannot look them straight in the eyes. You stammer when they call your name. You cannot even give them decent answers. They are good though as the class behaves well when they are around.

Sleepy- No, they are not the ones sleeping in class. But students cannot help but feel drowsy when they are teaching, that you would rather do some essay writing exercises. Once in a while, they crack jokes. Sometimes, they can also manage to keep the class awake. It is just that incidentally, the subjects they teach are those that you find boring.

Buddy- In class, they are the typical type of professor maintaining that distance from students. But after their custom essay writing lecture is done, they mingle with students as if they are students, themselves. They are the ones you can invite to parties and hang-out with. They are usually among the reasons why you keep coming back to your alma mater. You consider them as a buddy, and you miss them as much as you have missed your college friends.

Bully- We all had one. Bully professors add spice to a student's life. They will make you wonder whether there is really something wrong with you, or they just love to see you looking disgusted.
You can hate them, but you can never get even them, even when you are dying to. They are those who will read and ridicule in front of the class the essay writing output you submitted. You will have to hold on tight to your patience.

Tearjerker- It is not that they are into drama. But they seem to have this sort of masochistic character. They find happiness in other's humiliation. You cannot be onion-skinned when you are in their class. Even if you swear to be the numbest guy, you will still find yourself crying or teary-eyed at least, maybe not in class, but in your dormitory or at the comfort room.

Good or bad, you should get along with them
We cannot mess up with professors. The safest thing to do is to get along with them and the sometimes weird essay writing topics they require you to discuss.

When you are in good terms with a professor, you can even ask for their assistance to write you a recommendation letter, or to proofread your custom essay writing output. At the end of the day, regardless how they treated you, there is no doubt they were able to help you one way or another.
Braggers do exist in college. You will notice them on your first day in the university, during the freshmen orientation in particular. They can be likened to essay writing outputs because they are attention-hungry.

They are out to tell every student they come across with why they are cool, and why you should be friends with them. They always want to be part of the event’s highlights. It is up to how you will handle them, and survive their company.

When I was in college, I prefer to play the silent kid, observing people around. Let me share on this article the types of braggers I met, that you probably also did meet. Then perhaps you can also share in a custom essay writing output your version.

Achiever - These students could not complete a sentence without mentioning one of the credentials they received from high school. Little do they know that the more they speak of the honours they got, the less impressed you become of them?

If you are really good, it will show. Besides, it is college. You cannot be that confident. It is a much bigger environment as compared to high school. You can be the student that high school teachers always tap to join essay writing competitions but you can be just the average student once you are already in the university.

Athlete - You will recognize them even from a distance. They are those students that are always on a casual wear. Yes, they are usually good-looking. Plus, they were also famous when they were in high school. Of course, they are the cheerleaders and the quarterbacks.

And they will not allow their first day in college to just end without mouthing their achievements. They will introduce themselves by the function they played in their high school varsity team. But ask them to write an essay writing output, and they will just respond with a beautiful smile somehow hinting that you change the course of the discussion.

It-boy or girl- These are the people you will first notice in the crowd. Why would not you? They are obviously attractive. You lose interest however, after they speak, because they know nothing but the superficial. They will tell how they have rubbed elbows with a celebrity, or
how they ended up joining a beauty pageant or a talent show, but never will they mention about joining a custom essay writing activity.

They are out on a mission to tell everyone, either subtly or directly, that their physical attributes have helped them become popular. They do not really care how bad their essay writing skills are. They prefer to socialize and just be the star of the crowd.

All-around guy- They are the always active, always present student. They are members to almost, if not all, student organizations. They tend to use their expansive social network to compensate for their mental and physical deficiencies.

They will brag about the people they know and the essay writing trainings they attended to. You will wonder if those names they are dropping are really their friends, or those they desperately wanted to befriend. Consider them the university social climbers.

So-not humble – They will talk about the exams they acted without even reviewing. They will share how they end up gaining a passing remark without spending sleepless nights. They are proud about their consistent cramming habits, and they will even teach you how you can be an expert procrastinator especially when you are beating essay writing dues.

At first you will think they are the humble type because they claim that they are not the best students in class. But as the conversation progresses, you notice they are already bragging about how good they think they are, naturally.

Smile and let it pass
They may be braggers, but who knows? It is only the first day of class. You may find some people annoying but later will realize they can be cool, too. Just enjoy the occasion, and if you want, you can even narrate your experience through online essay writing.
Because we cannot get enough of those funny college dates we had (and you will, in time), we are again sharing about more of them.
Let us veer from the serious-academic-essay-writer type of article for the meantime, and relax a bit.
Here we go!
Picky eater. You feel as if you are nursing a kid whenever you are dining together. Eventually, you get tired of eating at the same restaurants, ordering the same meals, because that is only what their appetite can accommodate.
They would sometimes compromise to trying another dish, only that they will remove some toppings or skip eating some veggies served on their plate. You wonder if you still need to commission a health essay writer to remind them the value of nutritional meals.
Somehow, you see yourself frightened of being with this person for the rest of your life. It is not that you are a vegetarian, but you do not want your kids imitating and writing essays about their parent’s life-span-reducing diet.
Idiot-board-dependent. These people have planned everything for your first date. It went out smoothly that you cannot help but be impressed.
They even informed you beforehand of the idea they have in mind, as if they are the essay writer and you are their editor. They say it is so you can also suggest and they can make necessary changes should you have any objections. You are confident that the date shall turn out well, until you get to share the table with him.
They suddenly take out a list apparently of the topics that you are to talk to. It is obvious they are scrambling through the paper (or their phone) every now and then. You start to think they are worse that talk show hosts that cannot survive without their idiot boards on.
Young and hot. There are also these younger dates. You do not know how the experience would be like, so you are game for the meet-up. And you want a break from the junior essay writer application you have been working on recently. Besides, the person who invited you seemed finer compared to other students their age.
You enjoy being with young dates because they can make you feel young too. They have less worries in mind, even if they have been writing essays all day, so somehow you also adopt their laidback personality.
Or if not, you feel like you are too old for them and that there are matters you cannot just tell them for they would not understand or they would not be able to relate to it, anyway. And then you suddenly remember the essay writer who is also inviting you to dinner.
Better late than never.They can piss you off even before they reach the venue. They seem to hate clocks so much that they have made it their vow to not follow time.
An hour has passed since the time you agreed to meet but there is no shadow of them. Then minutes later they send you an SMS (not even call you) saying they are on their way. You wonder if it is true that they are already heading to your place.
Even before you leave, you already have figured it could have been better that you just read that book an essay writer recommended you.
When your date comes, you are no longer in a good mood to talk, and they will start up on you as if nothing happened. They shall say sorry, but that is it. You won’t see even the slightest remorse from their face.
Perfect (rare). These people seem to have jumped out of your fantasies. They look and smell good. They are smart. They have several thoughts on various matters that you can mistake them for an argumentative essay writer.
They are a combination of the punctual, pleasant and romantic guy; you can no longer ask for more. The perfect guy comes rarely and when they do, you ought to give it a try.
After all, when you are in college, you would rather go nuts writing essays than deal with a difficult partner.
Let things fall into place for you
As always, and as any senior essay writer would advise, do not rush. You have more than enough time to find that person you are meant to spend eternity with. It is college, it is imperative that you focus on studies first, not dates.
Nursing shortage made headlines, and can be assumed to have been an assignment of every essay writer. Saudi Arabia, the world's leading oil producer, is one of the affected countries. This prompted the nation to recruit foreign nurses. To give you further information, here are five factors to look into, why Saudi lack health care professionals.


Work-in-Progress. While Saudi Arabia boasts a promising economy, owing to their vast oil reserves, the kingdom still has a long way to go to address manpower issues. The country was founded only in 1932. Rulers had a lot to carry on their shoulders- peacekeeping issues, and illiteracy, for instance, which up to now are being dealt with. Add to that the young population, with more than fifty percent of the people being 18 years old and below.


Conservative Society. Non-Muslim foreign nurses are ought to adjust to the rules imposed in the country. The process could be hard, as Muslim culture is different from other Asian and Western regions. Saudi Arabia recruits nurses particularly from third world countries as it is cheaper, considering the currency exchange rates. An essay writer for instance, can earn thrice the salary he earns in his hometown.


Locals' Negative Perception. The view of nursing as a lowly profession, resembling that of a house help, is still present in Saudi Arabia. The fear of inferior treatment in the society discourages individuals to delve into the study.


High Nurse to Patient Ratio. The average work hours per week is about 48 hours. Schedules change depending on the hospital. There are few nurses on duty pot lights Oakville, while there are several patients to attend to. Nurses tend to become more tired as they have to divide their attention to several concerns, including irate clients. Worst case is nurses feel burn out. 


Admission Process to Nursing Schools. The requirement of exhibiting English language mastery hinders some aspiring students from becoming a nurse.


Job satisfaction and happiness, without these two, anybody, even a professional essay writer or an experienced teacher will quit or will not last long in his profession.

Everyone has to learn the art of writing.

 Writing essay,  or any other correspondence is no longer exclusive for the writers.  At work for instance, you are exchanging messages with your colleagues, which include your managers, through company e-mail. Therefore, it is everybody's responsibility to learn how to write, to communicate effectively. What are the basics of writing? Nobody knows better than the experts, so let us hear what they have to say.


1. “You don't write because you want to say something; you write because you've got something to say.”- F. Scott Fitzgerald, American author(1896-1940)

A writer does not write for himself. Otherwise, he is not writing. Think of the readers. What do they need? What will make them read your work? Research to find out the answer. Ask people what they like to hear. Talk about 'something' that is worth sharing, and you will capture the audience's heart.


2. “Good writers are those who keep the language efficient. That is to say, keep it accurate, keep it clear.” - Ezra Pound, American poet (1885-1972)

Big words when writing essay do not impress readers. It rather pushes them away. Always keep it simple. Translate your message to a form that will be understood by the ordinary people. If you do not believe this will work, maybe this can convince you. 

   To write well, express yourself like common people but think like a wise man. Or, think as  wise men do, but speak as the common people do.” - Aristotle, Greek philosopher ( 384 - 322 BC)


3.  “A book should be luminous not voluminous.” - Christian Nevell Bovee, American writer


Readers have limited attention span. Say what you have to say directly when writing essay. Does every sentence move the story forward? If not, omit it.  And do not just tell, show instead. That way, the readers will get what you are trying to say, less the effort.


4.  “If you wish to be a writer; write!” - Epictetus, Greek philosopher (55-135 AD)

Learning is a never-ending process. Write as often as you can to improve your writing skills. And remember that the first draft is just half the task done. Proofread, take rest and get back the next day to review your work again.


There you have the fundamentals of superior writing as told by the experts. Practice writing your essay, and apply what you have read above. 
Art essays let you express your views on a particular piece of art. Your insights comprise the content of an art essay. You do not need to support your statements with scientific theories. What you feel toward a work of art is all that should be considered, and what matters. You can also collaborate with a professional art essay writer offering writing service for guidance.
Writing art essays involves two stages.


What comes into your mind when you look at a painting? What feeling or mood does it give you? These questions are answered on the first stage of writing art essay. You have to pay attention to details. Observe the colors used. What aura does it bring? Examine the texture, composition and the brush strokes. Does it imply harshness ? You may also associate a scene depicted in a portrait to a similar place or event. Think about what the painting reminds you of. Maybe a glance on it takes you back to your childhood years, or relives the memories of the best vacation you ever had.

After analyzing the physical aspects of the painting, you can now proceed to the painter's point of view. What do you think is the painter's objective? What is he trying to show on his work? Does the painting reflect his personal struggles? Research is of big help on this part. You must also educate yourself on the artist and the painting.

The next step is assessment. As part of the audience, do you think the artist has successfully carried out his goal? You do not have to be mindful of the technical aspects in jotting down your analogy. Just keep writing all your thoughts. If you intend to seek help from a writing service, make sure that you partner with an experienced writer who can help you create a vivid art essay.


You can now move to the harder part which is putting your analysis into words. The importance of research was already discussed briefly on the analysis part. Facts to justify or add credibility to your assumption are still necessary, though art essays are filled with insights. You may use the information you have gathered as basis in arriving on your thoughts.

You do not need to include phrases such as “I think” or, “I believe,” as it is already clear the output is about you and your views. Mention the artist's full name only for introduction purposes. His last name is enough should you need to refer to him again. Revise your art essay over again. Do not hesitate to call for support from a writing service in proofreading your work.

Essays are the building blocks of other forms of academic writing, such as thesis. A thesis is broken down to  chapters namely; Introduction, Review of Related literature,Methodology, Data Analysis and Results, and Conclusion.  Each part contains essays. Essay and thesis are in most manner, alike. Except that the latter requires more time and effort.  


In essays, the introduction is usually one paragraph long. It briefly discusses the subject  and its importance. It has to be interesting to capture readers' attention. The purpose that introductions serve in essays is the same as the role it plays in theses. The difference is that thesis introduction has a wider scope,  and is longer. The first chapter in thesis writing is the introduction. It states the thesis statement or topic, its significance, the purpose of the research, and the procedures that the group will undergo to complete the study. The Intoduction chapter  gives an overview of the entire study. There are several points to be tackled. Ideas should flow naturally as you move from one thought to another. The goal is to make the readers understand what the study is all about. 


After introducing the study, the entire thesis process must be thoroughly dissected. The Review of Related Literature consists of  the published articles written by scholars or researchers, that are relevant to your study. This is not mere citation of sources because each reference's significance and relationship to the research needs to be  discussed.  Unlike bibliographies, this comes in paragraph form. Methodology  and Data Analysis are also written in essay form. Although  charts already  present data, interpretations or explanations written in sentences are still required. Substantial content is needed to produce a quality thesis.  Content is effective only when each detail contributes to the development of thesis statement.  There should be no irrelevant information.


Writing essay  and thesis command critical thinking. It is not enough to lay down all information regarding the study. You have to formulate your own intelligent opinion and insight based on the gathered facts. You have to leave something useful for other readers or researchers in finalizing your essay or thesis. Conclusion gives writers the final chance to inculcate and emphasize to readers the worth of the study.


Good essays comprise a good thesis. Essays and theses both have introduction, body, and conclusion, and follow similar rules. Therefore, writing good essays is the first step in producing quality thesis.
 It can be daunting but at the same time, rewarding.

Who would forget their experience writing a thesis? Most people probably won't. It is hard not to remember the backbreaking senior year spent in organizing a thesis that wil finally earn you a degree.

Thesis writing truly requires a whole lot of hard work.  Patience and detemination  are primary requirements to get you through the planning process down the final stage. Let us lay five reminders helpful in writing a thesis.

Choose topic wisely. Write about something that interests you or something you care about.  Thesis can be tiring. That is why you need the motivation to always keep you on top. It is a good option to work on a study related to your course. This way, you would not need to start from scratch. 

Thesis is an addtion to school load. It will make the task lighter  if you will be able to think of a topic  relevant to the classes you are taking.  You already have ,at least , an idea on the basics of the study.         

Make sure that the thesis scope is manageable given the limited time. Narrow it down to a specific question you want answered. Compose a thesis statement that will draw reader's attention.

Write timeline. Thesis writing can be overwhelming.  Time management is crucial in completing the study. You have to balance your schedule along with other duties.  Write a timeline. Note the due date and the time to be alloted per chapter.  Spend an hour or two every day on your thesis than congest the load on the last weeks. Cramming will do no good.

Conduct researches.  Research is the lifeline of a thesis. This will make you dig deeper to your topic so you can arrive with more interesting questions or new angles you may look into the study. Further, thorough researching is needed  in gathering necessary information to solidify the thesis statement and, support your conclusion. Conduct researches to check the feasibility of the study. A good topic will go to waste without enough references or strong evidences to prove or formulate a conclusion.

Take notes. We all know that reading is valuable but,  jotting down notes while reading is even more  essential. Keep track of significant points you have come across. At the end of the day, you can go over your notes to find out which is worth incorporating or delving into the study.

Consult advisors. You can 't do a thesis all by yourself. Advice from the scholars ,such as your professors, are necessary in improving your study. Set meetings with yor advisor regularly. Plan your agenda to make meetings productive. Note every thing needed to be discussed. This is to ensure that you won't miss on clarifications or important questions. Give the advisor a copy of your draft. Hand it earlier if the draft is long so he could look into it in advance.  Maintain constant communication with your advisor all through out the process.

Yes, writing a thesis is difficult but, you can always make it fun and fruitful.  Follow the pointers

mentioned above and see how it helps.


We owe all the essays  we read  to its writers. Writers are the voice behind any literary piece. You can be an essay writer, too. Three characteristics of a good essay writer are described below.


A good essay writer is a good researcher. An essay topic can be anything under the sun unless otherwise you are  given a specific instruction.  There are instances when you are asked to write about a topic you are not familiar with. The solution is simple. Research. A good writer knows the importance of understanding the essay  topic. Go to libraries. Read books. The more references, the better. It will be very hard to squeeze idea with insufficient knowledge of the topic.  If you are adequately supplied with the information you need, writing does not have to be a burden at all.


A good essay  writer is versatile. Experienced writers are always faced with the challenge of writing an essay that is far from their background or writing style. A good writer has the ability to produce essays from various approaches and tones.  Today he may be writing about the best  of his childhood memories. Later he may go into a more serious, formal writing such as the effects of country's current economic status to midde-class familes.


A good essay writer is reader oriented. Essays are meant to be read.  A good writer does not use his essays to brag about his knowledge of hifaluting words and jargons. He writes his essay the easiest way possible for readers to understand. He will always prefer to write from the point of view of a reader who has no idea regarding the subject.


Being a good researcher, versatility and valuing readers are just three tips on how you can become a good essay writer. The basic rule, however, remains the same.  Write, write and write.